YouTube’s Redesigned Channel Layout Now Available For Everyone


Google is bringing YouTube One Channel to the masses after month-long limited beta, and is giving all YouTube channels a slick new look that should help creators convert more viewers to subscribers. The primary focus of the update is to make channels look great on different screens and devices, be it mobile or desktop, and to help channel owners make a better brand from themselves.


Channel owners can now upload a piece of channel art that will give the channel a branded and consistent look across all devices. Google describes it as a way for channel owners to create a “visual identity” for their content, which will become identified with them and their brand. Channel owners can also create trailers for their channels, which will be visible to anyone who is not already subscribed to the channel. This is the chance for channel owners to hook in new viewers with an overall feel of what they bring to the table.

The next part of this update comes in the way content is displayed on the channel. Creators now have much more control over videos and playlists, and can fine-tune what users see when they enter the page. This should not only help channels owners get new subscribers, but should help them keep the ones they already have.

YouTube channel owners who want to switch to One Channel can go, scroll all the way to the bottom and hi the “Get started” button. If you switch to the new YouTube One channel and decide it doesn’t work for you and your channel, Google is offering the option to switch back to the old channel design for a limited time.

Will you rush out to get the new layout? What do you think of it?

Source: YouTube

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