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YouTube’s Redesigned Channel Layout Now Available For Everyone


Google is bringing YouTube One Channel to the masses after month-long limited beta, and is giving all YouTube channels a slick new look that should help creators convert more viewers to subscribers. The primary focus of the update is to make channels look great on different screens and devices, be it mobile or desktop, and to help channel owners make a better brand from themselves.


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Fear Factor Arrives On YouTube US, European Version To Follow


Entertainment company Endemol is planning to increase its footprint on YouTube with a new channel featuring its popular reality game show,Fear Factor. The Fear Factor YouTube channel will launch in the U.S. first, followed by the European version of the channel. The channel, which is by no means Endemol’s first, is part of a marketing strategy that seeks to leverage YouTube’s popularity by building a social community around shows cross-promoting on YouTube’s menu.

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Banned: What Happens When Facebook Doesn’t Like You


When I interviewed Mark S. Zuckerberg, I immediately thought that he was a charming, polite guy. When he talked, he did so with a typically Midwestern drawl. He has raised a large family and has a massively successful bankruptcy law practice in Indianapolis, and is widely regarded as an expert in his field. Searching YouTube with the query ‘Mark Zuckerberg Indiana’ brings up countless media interviews and appearances.


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4 Cool Features That Make Opera A Browser Worth Checking Out


It was only months ago that I finally made the transition from Firefox to Chrome, but it’s a decision I’m pleased with making. While I do feel like Google Chrome is the best browser out there for the average internet user, Opera will always be my favorite “dark horse” in the category.

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Apple Fixes Lock Screen Bug With iOS 6.1.3, Only To Encounter Yet Another One

Apple has just released iOS 6.1.3 which includes a very important fix. As you might recall, iOS 6.1.2 had a couple of nasty bugs that allowed unauthorized access through a device’s lock screen, which meant private information was available to people looking at a phone without the owner’s permission. Thankfully, those bugs have been squashed with the release of the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, but it seems that new ones have emerged, even on this version of iOS.

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Transform Your Social Output Into Web Page Content With Tint

Ever since I started using social media, I noticed there’s still somewhat of a gulf between social content and website content.  I mean, sure you can create a Facebook page to promote your blog content on the world’s most popular social network, or you can add Facebook widgets to your blog sidebar to help promote your Facebook page. And there are lots of other tools to embed Facebook on your site.

However, the fact remains that they are two different worlds. When people are browsing Facebook, they typically stay on Facebook and interact with people there. If you post a blog update on your Facebook page, some people may click through – but the bulk will comment or reply to comments. Even those that check out your site are likely to head back to Facebook to make a comment.

The flip side is also true. There may be a few people that learn about your Facebook page from the little sidebar widget you inserted on your blog, but for the most part people that are reading your article are there to read your article, and few will be distracted away from it. Some will of course; but the the two worlds remain two distinct worlds. Until now.

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