Google’s Augmented Reality App Field Trip Comes To iOS


If you like learning about things around you then you’re going to love Google’s Field Trip app, which has just been released for iOS. Google’s augmented reality app was launched for Androidlast year, and is now available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Field Trip is an information assistant that takes local discovery and makes it even better with augmented reality. It runs in the background until you are near something interesting (or something it recognizes) and then notifies you and tells you all about that particular locale with ‘field cards’.


Field Trip also works like a recommendation engine, suggesting the best places you can visit nearby. The app sources all its information from hyperlocal sites like Thrillist, Food Network, Zagat, and Run Riot for the best places to eat and drink; Sunset, Cool Hunting, WeHeart, Inhabitat, and Remodelista for the latest unique stores and products; Songkick and Flavorpill for local music; and Atlas Obscura and Daily Secret for yet undiscovered facets of the place you’re visiting.

Don’t worry, it’s not all one annoying notification after another. You can choose which ‘field cards’ you want to see, and focus on what you’re really interested in. Field Trip also lets you save places you love as favorites, and capture personal memories and discoveries, which you can then share through various social networks. An intelligent feature of the app is that Field Trip can detect when you’re driving and automatically “talk” about interesting places and experience around you.

Watch the Field Trip video to get a true feeling of what this app is all about:

Now, does Field trip sound intriguing enough to warrant a whirl? Download it from the App Store, and tell us about the trip.

Source: 9To5 Google

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