Twitter’s Mobile Apps Updated With Tweets From The Past, Better Search & More


If you’ve ever needed to track down an old tweet, you may be in luck. Twitter just released a new updates for its iOS and Android apps as well as its mobile site that may help you find what you’re looking for. The update was released on Wednesday, and a variety of new features are included; most notably is the inclusion of older tweets in search results. For instance, Twitter explained that a search for “election” could bring up top tweets on the subject from several months ago. Tapping this tweet will show you related tweets posted during that time.


Other features include topics and user suggestions for search queries, based on real-time tweets, easier viewing for long conversations in the details view, and a smoother pull-to-refresh animation. The update also allows for better context when opening links. For instance, when you visit a webpage using Twitter, the related tweet will remain visible (with the option of hiding it by tapping it). The update also includes support for traditional Chinese characters and other generic bug fixes and improvements.

If you often upload videos to Twitter, note that this update removed support for a few video services. You will no longer be able to upload videos through Mobypicture, Vodpod, or Posterous. These removals come on the heels of Twitter’s discontinuation of the iPhone, Android and AIR versions of TweetDeck.

DownloadTwitter 5.4 for iOSTwitter 3.8 for Android

How do you feel about the new Twitter updates for mobile? Will you miss the removed features or enjoy the new ones?

Source: Twitter Blog via TechCrunch

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