SociableNow: Make calls easily from a link or QR Code and gain analytics

How great would it be to have a QR code or Link on your website for people to quickly speak with you over the web or phone? Ridding of the annoying pop-up chat box and adding a more humanized way of connecting by actually being able to voice chat with a… human.

Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of telling someone in a tweet to call a number or use software, if you could simply send them a link?

We are the click n’ go generation enjoying our time on the web, and the faster we can connect with people the better. Businesses especially need to keep up with technologies that will help ease their jobs and increase the ROI (return on investment) while spending time online.

There are many of us who are heavily reliant on VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to connect on the web, with services such as Skype for example. We use these types of programs to easily communicate with people far and wide and since you spend time on the web, it makes it a simpler process than having to reach for your phone every time you want to make a call.

The latest innovation is a concept design product called SociableNow, a VOIP service that eliminates having to download software and replaces it with a URL or QR Code; therefore enabling people and businesses to verbally connect quicker than ever before.

Since there is no downloading or installation, the web-based service provides an easier way to go from tweeting to chatting via the web or smartphone. SociableNow also collects analytical data of the link’s real-time interactions that can provide valuable information and act as a powerful Marketing tool.

Depending on its use, the product can be altered to suit needs of possible clients or become the latest technological add-on feature for B2B or B2C existing products, since enabling speed, accessibility and instant customer service are imperative for success.

SociableNow, currently accessible through open beta, tears down walls to help build up better ways of communicating, by not only abolishing phone numbers, downloads and installations but through simplifying our abilities to connect quickly.

Whether it is to provide quality customer service on the spot or by gaining a customer in a real-time fashion, SociableNow makes it easier for you to remain active in social media especially as a business since it gives you the ability to have chatting on the web turn to voice calling in seconds.

Are products like SociableNow the future of connecting with businesses online?



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