You Can Now Add & Edit Local Maps In The UK With Google Map Maker


Britons can finally be a part of the community effort that goes into improving Google Maps as Google Map Maker opens up in the UK. Up until now, if you were in the UK, you could suggest improvements to Google Maps but not add any details like addresses, roads, trails etc. Now, anyone can log in and contribute to making maps across the UK (along with Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey) more accurate.


Google announced the launch of Google Map Maker at an event at Bletchley Park, the historical site which housed the famous decryption center during WWII. Google Map Maker is the front end that lets people from around the world provide data on local places and thus improve Google Maps. Combined with satellite imagery and Google’s own Street View cars, the community effort has helped make Google Maps the key piece of technology it is today. According to Google, contributing to Google Map Maker can quickly transform a simple map into a more detailed and accurate representation of a city’s local treasures.

Google Map Maker is being used to map a large number of countries across the globe. You can check out Google Map Maker’s availability on a larger map as shown above. UK should also get its own balloon icon soon.

Have you ever contributed data to Google Map Maker? If you’re in the UK, do you intend to do so now?

Source: Google Lat Long Blog

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