Twitter Brings Trends To Over 160 New Locations


Twitter has introduced its Trends feature to more than 160 new locations, including countries that have never had the feature before. In addition to a new wave of countries, more than 130 cities that reside within countries that already had access to Trends can now also display specific local trends for that urban area.

The Trends feature analyzes incoming Tweets to work out what people are talking about on a global, national and local scale. Newly added countries include Belgium, Greece, Kenya, Norway, Poland, Portugal, and Ukraine; however, Twitter hasn’t released its list of newly supported locations in full.


Logged-in users of the service can choose a location to monitor for trending topics and opt-out of location and interest-based tailored trends by clicking the Change button in the Trends box on the Twitter homepage. After selecting a country, you can refine your selection by choosing a major city or by selecting Worldwide to see what the global micro-blogging population is currently talking about.

Twitter uses an algorithm which monitors who you follow and where you are located in order to provide tailored trends, which include promoted items. This is the first major update to Twitter Trends since the company added over 100 new cities in December 2012.

Do you use Twitter Trends? Has your location recently been updated, or are you still waiting for Twitter to add your local area?

Source: Twitter Blog


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