Knight Foundation-Backed Mobile Sensor Startup Behavio Shuts Down As Founders Join Google



The team behind the Knight Foundation-backed mobile sensor startup Behavio todayannounced that it is joining Google. We have learned that this is not an acquisition or an acqui-hire, however.


The company, which was founded by a group of MIT alums, was working on Funf, an open-source “extensible sensing and data processing framework for mobile devices.” The project, the Behavio team writes in an announcement on its website, will continue and be maintained by the Behavio team. In the coming days, however, Behavio will shut down its closed alpha program and the team says it is ” forward to working on exciting things within Google.”

Here is how our own Greg Ferenstein described what Behavio was planning to do with its Knight Foundation grant:

Instead of intentional online connections, […] Behavio, looks at how peoples’ location, network of phone contacts, physical proximity, and movement throughout the day can help us predict range of behaviors — anything from fitness to app downloads to mass protests.

The entire big-data mobile smorgasbord is based on an open source project he helped built at the MIT Media Lab, Funf, a public database of android-friendly software for turning cell phone toting-humans into willing lab rats of social experimentation.

This definitely sounds like a technology Google would be interested in for both Android and potentially its Google Glass project.


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