Tumblr For Android Gets A Sleek Makeover

Tumblr for Android received a new update on Monday that completely revamped its design, which now follows Google’s Holo design conventions, and makes Tumblr’s mobile app even more interactive.

The most prominent addition to the new Tumblr app is its incorporation of a brand new “post anything” screen. This interactive menu features an artistic arch of bubbled menu options which lets you instantly share videos, photos, quotes, chats, and links. Other new options include advanced abilities to save drafts, queue posts, and customize Tweets. In fact, the entire interface has been completely re-imagined, do you’re sure to notice many new features and design aspects.

“Tumblr for Android just got a total face-lift,” was written on the company’s blog“We’ve completely redesigned the interface, added fancy post animations, made images pop, and a whole lot more.”

Tumblr performed a similar complete overhaul of its Android app around this time last year. Shortly thereafter, it released an iOS update with a slew of new features. Perhaps the Android app update is a sign that iOS devices will be receiving a similar treatment in the near future.

If you aren’t using the Android app just yet, head over to the Google Play Store to get a fresh copy (and check out Bakari’s tips for getting started with Tumblr). For those of you who want the opinions of others before you try it, user reviews are looking good despite a few image and GIF loading issues.

What do you think of the new Tumblr Android update?

Source: Tumblr Official Blog via CNET

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