Rdio’s Free Music-Streaming Service Is Now Available In Seven New Countries


Online music-streaming service Rdio is bringing its services to seven new markets including Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Mexico. In total, Rdio is now available in 24 countries, including most of Europe, the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. This service expansion follows a recent expansion of Rdio’s free music Web access to 15 more countries, including Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, New Zealand, Spain and Sweden.


The free service gives listeners six months of free music streaming through Rdio’s Web and desktop clients for Mac and Windows, with no credit needed to start listening. It is, however, limited to an unspecified number of streaming songs per month, after which you will no longer be able to enjoy free streaming. A meter  on top of your Rdio page will show you how much free music you have left per month of the trial period.

As a free Rdio user, you get access to a vast catalog of songs and albums., and can also make connections with other Rdio users and follow their latest music listening activities. You can add music to your Rdio Collection and create playlists, as well as share your listening activity to Twitter and Facebook.

The free account does not, however, extend to Rdio’s mobile apps, or Sonos and Roku devices. A monthly subscription (starting at $4.99) to Rdio provides full unlimited access to its catalog, plus its mobile services. On that note, Rdio has also released an update to its iOS app that includes full-screen album art, and the ability to follow the listening activity of your Rdio friends.

Source: Rdio Blog

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