Google Launches A New Program That Could Help Website Recover From Attacks


Recently, several major websites such as Apple, Microsoft, and Evernote fell victim to hacking, and it’s not just the big guys who can become the victims of an attack. To help these websites through, Google has launched a new program called Help for hacked sites, which is designed to help website owners clean up the mess that occurs following an attack. Just because your website you own is not as big as Twitter or Tumblr does not mean it’s 100% safe, so this can be useful to anyone who owns a website.


Google quotes a survey by StopBadware and Commtouch’s from 2012 which includes more than 600 webmasters who had their sites hacked. This survey found that 26% of site owners who were attacked reported that their site was still compromised, and 2% abandoned their sites completely. Clearly, website owners do not always have the knowledge required to fix their website, and this new guide from Google could be helpful in recovering from a malicious attack. Watch this overview to get a better idea:

Google’s new series of steps consist of dozens of articles and over 80 videos designed to help site owners recover from an attack, and while they do cover everything from the basics up, Google admits that some skill and knowledge are still required to overcome an attack:

“While we attempt to outline the necessary steps in recovery, each task remains fairly difficult for site owners unless they have advanced knowledge of system administrator commands and experience with source code. Just as you focus on making a site that’s good for users and search-engine friendly, keeping your site secure — for you and your visitors — is also paramount.”

Google’s new program also offers helpful tips to prevent an attack in the first place, but as is evident by the attacks on some of the largest sites on the Web, some attacks cannot be avoided, no matter how much security is in place.

Source: Help for hacked sites via TheNextWeb

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