Get 700 Marvel Comics For Free From ComiXology Until Tomorrow


If you like getting cool items for free, and you also like comic books, we’ve just found the perfect deal for you. ComiXology is bringing back its popular deal, and is giving away 700 free issues of Marvel comics for free. Of course, these are digital issues of the comics, so collectors will not be able to take advantage of this deal to bolster their collection, but getting to read a ton of digital comics is still nothing to complain about.


This is not the first time ComiXology has offered this great deal. Back in March, when the company previously offered these issues for free, the deal was so popular that it crashed the ComiXology platform.

This time around, the company is taking sign ups for the free comics starting right now, and continuing through 11:59PM EST on April 9 (tomorrow). On April 11t, the company will send the people who signed up a special email with download instructions for the free comics. The comics will remain free for 48 hours, which should provide plenty of time for users to pick up plenty of issues.

The issues in the previous promotion contained a slew of first issues, presumably with the goal of getting people hooked so they buy more comics later on. According to the company’s website, all 700 of the issues offered will be first issues again, so this is a perfect opportunity for a budding comic-book fan to get into some popular franchises, and find the kind of comics that interest them.

Are you going to sign up and get some free comics? What series do you hope to start reading?

Source: Venture Beat

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