Dropbox 2.0 Includes Quick Access To Share Actions & File Upload Tracking


Popular cloud storage and file-sharing serviceDropbox has released an update to its desktop client for Windows and Mac. The new version adds the ability to track file uploads, shares, and other Dropnox changes straight from the desktop client’s menubar. All changes are now listed in a drop-down window, which also includes buttons for quickly sharing files and accepting folder-sharing invitations.


With this recent upgrade, you don’t have to open your Dropbox folder or access the online site to make changes such as accepting or declining share or sharing a file or folder yourself. You will be notified via the menubar when someone shares a file or folder with you, and you can accept or decline invitations to shared folders directly from your desktop. For single file sharing, the menubar will show a notification and a preview, so you can see in a glance what’s been shared. Unfortunately, however, not all types of listed files can be previewed from the drop-down window.

The new menubar is not only about tracking uploads and accepting shares, though. Through it you can also share recently uploaded files with others using the share button. This makes it convenient to quickly share files with both Dropbox and non-Dropbox users. When the shared link is downloaded, users can preview the file before they download it, as well as save it directly to their own Dropbox account if they have one. Shared links can also be shared on social networks and or any online site. Only the files you share will be available for download, while the rest of your Dropbox content is kept secure and private.

To check out these new features, download Dropbox 2.0.0.

Do you like the new changes to Dropbox?

Source: Dropbox Blog

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