Google+ Adds Animated Profile Pictures, Updates Android & iOS Apps


Google has updated Google+ with the ability to add animated profile picture. This comes hand in hand with some major updates for the Android and iOS mobile apps. Profile pictures can now take the form of animated .GIFs, the Web’s long-term staple for animated images, and work on both the browser version of Google+ and the newly updated mobile apps.

As we’ve come to expect from Google, the mobile update is no the same for the app’s iOS and Android versions. For iOS, photo editing and Instagram-like filters have been added, a feature imported from Google’s recently-retired Snapseed image editor. You can now rotate, crop, stylize, and adjust photo parameters like contrast and brightness, as well as enjoy a brand new in-app profile view and notifications tray.

The Android version sees major changes in the way the Google+ feed is displayed, with more text on-screen thanks to less of an emphasis on images. Also new to this version is the ability to share your current location directly from the Android app with circles of your choosing — a feature that can also be enabled via a desktop browser.

Both iOS and Android versions have received a host of new features for interacting with Google+ Communities, including the ability to adjust the volume of posts on the home screen, as well as controls for re-sharing content and inviting new members. Other enhancements include a redesigned set-up process for new users and the ability to re-order search results.

Will your new profile picture be an animated GIF? Does every social app need photo filters, or is this just getting silly now? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Download: Google+ for iOS or Google+ for Android 

Source: Google Plus ProjectMatt Steiner on Google+

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