Firefox 20 Introduces Per-Windows Private Browsing, A New Download Manager, & More


Mozilla has released Firefox 20 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, and it’s filled with new features that should bring great joy to users of the popular Web browser. These features include per-window private browsing, a new download manager in the toolbar, and the ability to force-close stuck plugins separately.

Per-window private browsing is a feature that will have many users excited. While private browsing has been available in Firefox for some time, it always required users to open a separate private window, which completely replaced the current session, not allowing for concurrent browsing in private and non-private modes. The update allows users to go private while maintaining access to their other tabs, and on Android, to open a private tab next to their regular tabs.

The update also makes tracking downloads easier, with a new download monitor which now appears in the Firefox toolbar. This allows users to view and find downloaded files without leaving the current browsing window, and could easily eliminate the need for various download add-ons you may have been using.

Firefox 20 also adds the ability to close hanging plugins separately, without having the entire browser hang hopelessly. This is a nice little stability tweak that prevents you from having to shut down the whole browser every time something goes amiss. In addition to these awesome new features, there are plenty of other improvements and fixes. Firefox fans most certainly have a reason to rejoice.

Firefox 20 is available to download from Mozilla’s website, or through an in-app update, if Firefox is already installed.

Do you like these new Firefox features? Can it persuade you to switch to Firefox?

Source: Firefox Blog

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