Feedly Debuts Improved Search & A New ‘Must Read’ Section On Its Mobile App

With the upcoming demise of Google Reader, many new RSS loyalists have been searching for alternatives. Feedly is one of those alternatives, and it has now introduced a new version of its iOS and Android apps. The update brings a better search as well as a new ‘Must Reads’ section for recommended reading.

According to Feedly, 3 million new readers have joined up since Google’s announcement 2 weeks ago, and to make sure they stay happy, Feedly has reworked its algorithm to tap into what its community is searching for, and find the most relevant feed results for each user’s search. Feedly is calling it “a more productive way to search“, and supported by the interactions of the entire Feedly community, it should help you discover new and interesting feeds to read.


Feedly is also introducing a new ‘Must Reads’ section which is very similar to a personal favorites section. Posts from your feeds which you promote as a ‘must read’ will move up to the top of the feed selection panel and into the ‘Today’ section. Other small readability improvements include a pull to refresh gesture to display the latest content, a new title-only view to make scanning of headlines easier, and a redesigned sharing panel to share and save article for later. Support for Google+ has also been added.

Feedly is a cross-platform feed reader which is now available for iOS and Android (tablet supported on both), and as a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. You give it a try by downloading the app from the App StoreGoogle Play, or Feedly’s homepage.

What do you think of the update? Does it make Google Reader’s departure less painful?

Source: Feedly

One comment

  1. Sole Brick

    Since this announcement of GR departing, I’ve been looking for alternatives. Feedly was announced as THE best replacement. So I tried it. Didn’t like it. I wanted something similar to GR – lists of feeds, easy to navigate through and just mark those read instantly and move on. I think I’ve installed/uninstalled Feedly on my phone and browser(s) about 5 times hoping that these updates are making it into what I want it to be. Sadly, I’ve been disappointed each time. So currently I’m sticking with gReader (Android) and Bamboo Feed Reader (Firefox). We’ll see what develops…

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