Browse 16 Years Of Webby Awards In The New Interactive Winners Gallery & Archive

The new responsive design of the Webby Awards Winners Gallery + Archive is a roll-call of past Webby awardees. It is a showcase of the best the Web has given us in the past sixteen years, and is a perfect bow to the websites and Web services that created new standards and won the Webby Award in the process. The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, including Websites, interactive advertising and online film and video.

The Winners Gallery + Archive takes you sixteen years down memory lane and helps you view every Webby nominee and winner in a visually stunning and interactive collection. The left sidebar lets you quickly explore the awards by year, but you can also scroll down for the full visual impact. Each winner and nominee comes with a link to their official website, as well as “videos, photos and nostalgic screen captures of websites as they looked in the year they were honored, in addition to supporting material such as text or video of the Winners Webby Five-Word Speech and crediting of individuals who brought the project to life.”

As you cast your eyes on some of the past winners, you will, in a way, dial back history and see how those sites looked the year they won the award. Sixteen years is an era in the digital space. Many things have happened since 1997, and those years are brought back with a bang with the help of videos, photos, screen capture, and other memorabilia.

The Winners Gallery + Archive has been developed with help from the Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) team. As there are some gaps left to be filled, Webby Awards has also turned to crowdsourcing for screen grabs, designs, and credits that are still missing in The Gallery. This means you can help the archiving process too. Read Webby’s press release for more information about sending in materials.

What do you think of the new Winners Gallery? Did you learn something new about the history of the Web?

Source: Webby Awards

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