TweetDeck for Mac Updates With Column Filters & Advanced Search

TweetDeck for Mac has been updated with new features and is now more in-line with the Web-version of the popular Twitter client. The update adds filters, enabling column filtering by Twitter handle, retweets, or media including pictures, videos and links. Also rolling out is an advanced search feature for excluding or including specific search terms.

To access the new features, Mac users must be running the latest version which is already available from the Mac App Store. Column and user filters, as well as custom alerts, can then be accessed by clicking the Edit button at the top of a column and choosing to search by tweets or filter by media type.

Other updates include an optional wide column setting and larger font sizing, both of which can be toggled in the Settings menu. You can also hit spacebar to scroll down the page and use the OS X system-wide shortcut Cmd+W to close the current Tweetdeck window, rather than quitting the app (for that, use Cmd+Q).

The update comes as a relief for some who have watched Twitter neglect TweetDeck’s other versions, in particular the iOS and Android apps which will be pulled completely from their respective app stores this coming May. Development on TweetDeck’s Adobe AIR version will also be suspended at the same time, though the Web app still regularly receives new features and fixes.

The update to TweetDeck for Mac makes it Twitter’s most up-to-date desktop application, as the official Twitter app for OS X has not been updated since June 2011. The Windows version of TweetDeck is also still being supported by the company and can be downloaded from the TweetDeck homepage.

What do you think of TweetDeck? Does this update help or are you not impressed?

Source: TweetDeck on the Mac App Store

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