New Version Of Xbox Music Brings Performance Improvements & Cloud Sync

Microsoft is rolling out an updated version of its Xbox Music app which includes a performance boost on Windows RT, and few welcome additions such as better volume control, better music collection management, and simplified syncing features. If you’re using a Surface RT or similar device, you should notice a significant performance improvement following the update.

The new version of Xbox Music includes volume controls that are independent from the rest of the system. This means your music can be playing at any volume you wish, while the rest of the system is muted, or set to a different volume. If you have multiple Windows 8 or RT devices, the cloud sync option lets you sync your songs from the local library across your other devices. By matching songs, you can also add any song from your collection to the cloud and sync it to your other devices running the app. In addition, a ‘Now Playing’ list has been added, with an indication on the song currently playing.

The update comes as part of a wave of updates to Microsoft’s Xbox apps which also includes new versions for the Xbox Games app and Xbox SmartGlass.

The changes may feel very basic compared to the competitors, but Microsoft seems to be gradually tuning up its native music app. The Xbox Music app is up against more polished music tools such iTune, but if you feel like giving it a chance, you can easily import your iTunes library to Xbox Music.

Download the updated version of Xbox Music from the Windows Store.

Source: The Verge

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