Klout Adds Instagram & Bing To Your Social Influence Score

Image representing Klout as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Klout is now factoring in Instagram and Bing as another metric of your social-media influence and Klout score. A busy presence on Instagram, which previously meant nothing for your Klout score, can now give it a serious boost. if you’re not very active on Instagram, it could affect your score the other way. Your most popular photos will also appear in your Klout Moments. In order to enjoy this new integration, you will need to connect your Instagram account to Klout.


You may be thinking link Klout and Instagram is nothing new. True enough, this option has been available since 2011, but it was never a yardstick for measuring your Klout score. According to Klout, this was one of the most requested features by users, and it has finally acceded to the social pull of the popular photo-sharing community. The Instagram integration is happening in phases, so some users may notice an immediate jump in their scores, and some may have to wait a while longer.

In a related development, Klout also joined up with Bing to give your Klout scores yet another factor. After connecting Klout with Bing, Bing search results will eventually start factoring into your Klout score. Bing will also display social influencers next to your search results with their respective Klout scores. The Klout – Bing partnership was started last year, when Klout scores were integrated with Bing search results. Up until now, however, users could not connect the two accounts.

Do you find Klout scored relevant? Are you happy about the new integrations?

Source: Klout Blog

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