Create Your Own Personalized Magazine With The New Flipboard 2.0

News reader and magazine app Flipboard has reached version 2.0 on iOS and includes some interesting new features. You can create your own personalized magazines, which can be either private or available to all. Creating your own magazine is easy as searching for your favorite topics on Flipboard and turning them into beautiful flippable magazines. You can also include content shared on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SoundCloud, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. You can create as many magazines as you want, on any subject you can think of.

Flipboard also gives you a browser bookmarklet that makes it easier to collect content for your Flipboard and any custom magazines you want to create. When you open your magazine on Flipboard, your latest “flipped” items will be presented in a neat print-style layout.

There’s more stuff to read too: A new, visual Content Guide includes all your connected sources, your personal magazines, and new sections like “By Our Readers”, a curation by Flipboard staff and friends. The magazine app also provides a personalized recommended reading list that it gleans from your social sharing tastes.

In addition, Fliboard introduced some fresh UI changes: You can now reveal all source articles’ comments with a tap; new subsections have been added for easier navigation, as well as an optional Facebook Open Graph integration; and switching between related content is now faster.

The new features are currently available only on Flipboard’s iOS version. Download Flipboard 2.0 from the App Store.

Source: Inside Flipboard

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