Bing’s New Time Filter Lets You Narrow Your Searches By Time

Image representing Bing as depicted in CrunchBase

Watch out Google: Bing has finally introduced a time filter that enables search results by time period. This has been a regular Google search feature for quite some time, but late or not, you can finally get down to distilling the fresh from the stale on Bin search, especially if you are searching for news. Filtering search results by time works the same as any other filter and includes four time range options on the search results page.

After entering your keyword, click on the dropdown menu and select one of the four available options: All, Past 24 hours, Pas week, and Past months. For instance, you can sort by “Past 24 hours” to bring up the latest and freshest results. Bing displays the filter front and center, right under the search box, while Google has it tucked away under Search Tools. If you can’t see the option, you may need to change your country to United States in the settings.

Unlike Google, Bing doesn’t let you set a custom date range for your searches, and doesn’t let you filter results only from the past hour. We may see these features added at a later date. Dr. Walter Sun, the Principal Development Manager for Bing says,

At Bing, our goal is to give you the most comprehensive and trustworthy set of search results so you can get more done. Behind the scenes, we spend a lot of time and computational horsepower to ensure that you are getting fresh and topical search results as they happen. In that spirit, we recently released an easy way for you to sort results by time period.

Is this too little too late for Bing? How often do you filter your results by time?

Source: Bing Blog

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